Workshops & Trips

Thanks Paul, what an incredible adventure. Thanks for all the great things you taught me about my camera, composition, lighting, settings, watching and waiting, capturing sunsets and sunrises, panning, the rule of thirds, night time photos, flashlight writing at night, Lightroom, and mostly about shooting in manual mode and raw. I didn't realize how fun and easy it is to do and to not be afraid to try it.  You and your great sense of humor also made this trip so special and one that I will never forget. I can't wait for the next one. - Karen H

Sometimes when you are thinking about your holidays and what you want to do, you might feel that a group trip isn’t what you are looking for. 

One of my favourite things to do is take guests on private trips. I have done it a fair amount and always found it a wonderful experience for everybody. I arrange your trip through a tour operator, which varies depending on where you would like to go, either in the UK, US or here in Africa. All of them have many many years experience organizing trips and are incredibly efficient. I leave that side of the trip to the experts as there are so many things to think about and I would inevitably leave things out!

We can then do exactly what we want, when we want to which makes for an awesome trip. If you want to spend the whole day sitting with a group of snoozing lions, we can, you want to shoot birds birds birds, then that's what we do. If you would like to spend time on the computer looking at Lightroom and digital workflow we do that, or if you have had enough car we can go walking! Its up to you. The freedom is wonderful and I hope that I make sure you are comfortable and very well looked after, as well as making sure we get the pictures we are looking for! And my philosophy always comes into play here as well of course, and that is you as the guest are the most important person and its more important for you to ‘get the picture’ than it is for me, which is a common failing of us wildlife photographers sometimes!

If you would like to consider a private trip, don't panic, they aren’t as expensive as you might think as I am always keen to do them so will try as hard as possible to fit into your budget.

Drop me a line here and lets see what we can do….