We had a fantastic trip with Paul - he was great company and an excellent source of professional photographic information and advice. Learning by doing and having  regular reminders to check settings as conditions changed definitely worked with my learning style. Added to the practical photography was practical editing - with his expertise it finally started to make sense and I was able to navigate around my computer. We would heartily recommend Paul's trips to others and look forward to a future trip with him.

- Asante - JS

Photography workshop was awesome. The info and tips helped as lot to get better wildlife photos. Thanks a lot and look forward to the next time.

- Regards, Shay

Fabulously patient and entertaining teaching, most appreciated and much fun indeed.

- Asante, Barry

PJH Thanks for a fantastic trip, much appreciation to you and the guys.

- Dave

Such a fantastic trip. Its been brilliant and have learnt loads – yes, some of it did sink in!!

- Ali

Trip was ... stunning ....to say the least! and impossible to describe the extent of it to anyone back home or in the office! Come to think of it.,.. im still trying to describe it to myself but again... words fail me. I think its just one of those things you just mark down as once in a lifetime (Except for Paul of course who does it all again next week) and just have a big smile inside when you look at the photos!

- Michael

I learnt a lot from you during the Serengeti trip and my photography has progressed as a result. Certainly I think a lot more before pressing the button. Whilst capturing, as opposed to freezing, motion has become something of a hobby horse I have also taken on board your message about the importance of putting things in context, trying to tell a story. Currently I'm putting together a short sequence using some of the Serengeti images which starts with a tree in the landscape, apparently harmless, a hyena sniffing the air, a carcass hanging, half hidden, from the tree, and eventually the leopard lying on the branch.

- Colin

I went in knowing next to nothing about photography and left feeling very comfortable with using and applying principles of manual photography.  And acquired a mild obsession with light writing.  Thanks, Paul!

- Molly

Thanks Paul, what an incredible adventure.  Thanks for all the great things you taught me about my camera, composition, lighting, settings, watching and waiting, capturing sunsets and sunrises, panning, the rule of thirds, night time photos, flashlight writing at night, Lightroom, and mostly about shooting in manual mode and raw.  I didn't realize how fun and easy it is to do and to not be afraid to try it.  You and your great sense of humor also made this trip so special and one that I will never forget.  I can't wait for the next one.

- Karen H

Paul was an amazing photographic teacher and guide.    Nothing was too much trouble, and I just never realised how easy a safari could be when you have someone to look after your every wish! (I had been the guide up to now and know how exhausting that is!)   He picked up on every wish and made sure it was accommodated.

I will leave it to Karen to make her comments, but personally I found him always interested and interesting, entertaining and prepared to spend committed time to answering our questions (often repeated) and helping us with our problems.

The summary at the end was very useful and even I, as a rank amateur photographer, feel I now understand my camera, am no longer scared of it nad my composition of shots has improved enormously.

- Gail